This morning I realized that my Topsy Tom Tomato plant in the fence-side raised bed bin is actually a small determinate plant. I don’t know how I missed that fact, so I transplanted it into a 5″ diameter, 12″ deep orange planter on the deck. The Topsy Tom plant gets ~12″-18″ tall and does well “hanging” so I think this will be a much better location for it. I also dropped 1/4 Dr. Earth Home Grown Organic & Natural Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer (4-6-3) into the container and mixed in it with the soil.

Black Spanish and White Icicle Radishes have sprouted in both 18″ stone white containers on the master bedroom side yard and in the Grayish Gold planter in “sunny” spot on downstairs patio. All seeds sown on 6/8.

Rocket Arugula has sprouted (seeds sown on 6/8).

There was a single small spot dug up in the lettuce bin – about the size of a golf ball and only through the mulch layer. As well, there was a single small spot dug up in the garage-side bed. Again, only the mulch layer. Will keep an eye on it. Fingers-crossed the cayenne pepper worked and the beasts do not return.