If you’re a die-hard MLB baseball fan, like me, you know that it can be difficult to find in-depth information about players who are not superstars. Usually, it’s the people who follow and report on individual MLB teams who have the most up to date information about player injuries, minor league players, front office rumblings, the draft, trade talks, and more. As well, as a fantasy baseball enthusiast, finding any tiny nugget of information about a player or a team can be a huge advantage over league-mates – and it is these MLB team “beat writers” who are most likely to be able to share these hidden nuggets of valuable information via Twitter and other quick news updates. These journalistic pros who cover MLB teams day-to-day are usually happy to address specific questions about the teams and players they follow and report on every single day.

To make it easier for baseball fans, fantasy baseball nerds, AND (most importantly) myself, I have created this simple list of the Twitter accounts of beat writers covering every MLB team. This list includes writers, reporters, journalists, and/or broadcasters who cover their respective MLB team on a day to day basis – not only “official” reporters or “beat writers.” In addition to beat writers, this is a list of official MLB team Twitter accounts, as well as a list of official 2021 MLB team hashtags.

On each team, click “Click to tweet @ all” to start a tweet tagging the team, team hashtags, and all the listed “beat writers.” Once the tweet has been pulled up, add your question or comment, then tweet. Note – Some teams have a long list of “beat writers,” so you may need to remove some from your tweet.

MLB Beat Writers & Broadcasters Twitter List

↑ = Replies to questions & comments on Twitter
↓ = Does not reply to questions & comments on Twitter

Follow this list of MLB beat writers on Twitter.

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Please let me know of any writers, journalists, or broadcasters who are missing from the or who need to be removed because they no longer cover the team. Let me know of any other updates, as well.

Last updated – 08/17/2021