I finally planted the Back to the Roots Organic Mighty Mix Microgreen Seeds (G 2-3 not listed on package, H 7-10) from the kit my dad bought on WalMart clearance last month. Instead of using the provided compostable trays, I planted the seeds in a square 10″ x 10″ planter on the deck and covered it with a humidity dome – same as used for seed starting tray.

In an 18″ diameter, 15.5″ deep stone white planter outside the back fence line, I planted Burpee Autumn Beauty Mixed Colors Sunflowers (Bloom 75-80) and Watermelon Radishes (Livingston, G 5-7 not on package, M 59). I didn’t look at the maturity time on these radishes before planting. I just assumed they were around 30 days, like most radishes. I would’\ve probably planted a different type of radish here had I actually read the package.


I also temporarily planted about 20 iris rhizomes into a stone white planter. These are irises that originally came from the garage-side bed before I revamped it, plus irises that came from my dad’s Belton house. The planter is sitting on the stones by the back gate. Surprisingly, this spot gets pretty good sun in the morning and in the evening. Not much in the middle of the day, though.