I am not sure I will get the chance to watch Hugo again before the Academy Awards, so I figured I should write a short post. I originally saw the movie in 3D on Thanksgiving.

Is it just me, or did the trailer of Hugo make anyone else believe the movie would be completely different?

Set in 1930s train station, Hugo tells the story of Georges Méliès (Ben Kingsley) a long-forgotten, real-life, filmmaker.

The film was ok, and the images in 3D were stunning… Except all the unnecessarily added 3D dust persistently floating in the air throughout the film

I believe I would have enjoyed the film more if I had researched it a bit more beforehand. Overall, I wish there were more about Méliès and less about Hugo…

Hugo is nominated for 10 Academy Awards: Art Direction, Cinematography, Costume Design, Directing (Martin Scorsese), Film Editing, Original Score, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Visual Effects, Best Picture and Adapted Screenplay


Hugo was OK. I’m undecided as whether or not to recommend the movie. I definitely would have liked more Georges Méliès and less Hugo.

Hugo has a 8.1/10 rating on IMDB, is 93% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes an has a 85/100 Metascore.