On Wednesday night, Alamo Drafthouse offered a free screening of Horror Remix‘s Death Rock Part Two. I partook. After checking out Horror Remix: Death Metal – Part One last month, I knew I had to see part two!

Death Metal – Part 2 is a re-edit shortening of Black Roses (1988) and Scream Dream (1989) shown double-bill style and intertwined with mashups of nearly a dozen other short films and the documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986). As with all Horror Remix events,  puppets Thunderclap (a bat) and Cheesecake (a wizard) are back with their roasting of the films. This time they’ve brought a friend, Dirty Dingo (a wolf) who is an ex-heavy metal band front man and radio DJ.

Recommendation: If Horror Remix is in your city, you should definitely check it out. All screenings are free! If it is NOT in your city, contact your local independent theaters and tell them to visit HorrorRemix.com and request the series!

(Fun) Rating: 8/10