Virgin church girl, Rebecca Foster () joins her ex-high school cheerleader friends to visit an unfortunately quiet neighborhood, just outside Daytona Beach, during their first spring break as freshmen in college. Hoping for a more wild time, the group visits a local dive bar, which was once a hot-spot, where the girls meet a group of guys heading to a party at the Crazy Girls Unlimited mansion.

A masked “monk” begins stalking and murdering the girls with a medieval war hammer.

In addition to the mostly unknown hotties, Shea StewartBrandy WhitfordCaley HayesRyan Keely and Krystyna Ahlers you will recognize 80s scream queen Linnea Quigley, porn legend Ron Jeremy, The Howard Stern Show regulars Lester ‘Beetlejuice‘ Green & Sal ‘The Stockbroker‘ Governale and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Before you accuse Girls Gone Dead of being a simple slasher flick that wants to show boobs, you should know, the film’s screenplay was written by Meghan Jones… Yep, that’s a girl’s name. I mention this because so many websites, blogs and film enthusiasts seem to complain every time a new-age slasher movie shows breasts. Why? I’m not really sure… Sharp killing weapons, blood and boobs are the founding fathers of the the genre. Basically, if you cannot tell from the title and cover art of the film that there are nude breasts, do not complain when you see breasts on screen.

Girls Gone Dead is fun and silly with well setup kill scenes and solid direction throughout the action. The many cameo appearances are great, with “The King” providing one of the biggest laughs of the film (I won’t spoil it). Overall, the acting in the film is pretty good, with the “hotties” being entertaining and likable, not dull and boring. The dialogue is a bit cheesy, but the cheesiness seems to be mostly intentional.  Girls Gone Dead is an extremely fun film with a great ending that has multiple surprises.

Recommendation: Girls Gone Dead is available to watch on Netflix… Check it out!

Rating: 7/10 with a fun rating of 8/10

“This is so much better than D&D!”