A young billionaire takes interest in a college co-ed.

I’ve read that Fifty Shades of Grey book fans don’t like the film because it doesn’t stay true to the book. I hope that isn’t the only problem with this from their eyes.

The story is SO bad and unbelievable – from the start – Really, a valedictorian journalist is “too sick” to make it to an interview with a billionaire, so she sends her roommate? Terrible.

My problems don’t end there, but I also don’t care to use 2000 words bitching.

A movie all about sex, with no on-screen dong?!?!? Are you kidding me?! #FiftyShades #moviereview Click To Tweet

Honestly, my biggest problem – In a movie all about sex – I expect to see full-frontal nudity from both of the main characters… I’m sure fans of the novel expect the same!

That said, Fifty Shades of Grey will forever be known as “Oscar Nominated Fifty Shades of Grey,” thanks to the Best Original Song nomination for “Earned It.”

I don’t give zero ratings, and I don’t give 1/2 ratings… So…

Rating 1/5