On Saturday night I took in a double bill of Little Monsters (1989) and Drop Dead Fred (1989) at the Monkey Room in Peculiar, MO. The Monkey Room hosts movie nights at least once per month on Saturday nights. If you’re in the Kansas City area, check out the Monkey Room and their events on Facebook.

Childhood “imaginary” friend Drop Dead Fred () returns to the life of Lizzie () who is recently separated from her husband, Charles (), who has been cheating on her. The return of Drop Dead Fred to Lizzie’s life means the return of hijinks and trouble, this time in a much larger adult form. Drop Dead Fred cannot leave until Lizzie is once again “happy,” which may prove to be a catch-22.

I remember watching Drop Dead Fred as a child, but didn’t really remember the film itself. Unlike Little Monsters, Drop Dead Fred did stand the test of time, except the view that a woman cannot be complete without a man (and Lizzie’s wardrobe!). Drop Dead Fred is entertaining and funny from beginning to end. At times, the situations/”comedy” is a bit over-the-top, but never unbearable.

The flashback scenes of Lizzie as a 5 year old with Drop Dead Fred as particularly entertaining… Especially when she robs her own house!

Recommendation: Drop Dead Fred stands the test of time. Check it out. Currently available on Netflix.

Rating: 7/10