I have donated my website design and internet marketing services and knowledge to the new indie slasher horror film The Campground, written and directed by Roman Jossart.

View the website progress at TheCampgroundFilm.com

The Campground

A group of friends visit the campground to celebrate a birthday, but the mood soon changes when campers start going missing and turning up dead. In this original telling of a masked serial killer named Charlie Varsin, you will be on the edge of your seat, dying in anticipation to discover the horror that lies around the next corner.

Don’t miss out on revisiting old-school slasher horror movie storytelling!

Watch the teaser trailer above.

Roman Jossart

Roman began writing the script for The Campground during his freshman year in high school (7 years in the making). Inspiration for The Campground came to Roman while watching Adam Green’s Hatchet. Hatchet struck Roman with awe, especially the way Green brought the old-school slasher into the modern era. After Hatchet, Roman decided to do the same with his film – thus, The Campground was born.

Roman has created many short films and sports mashups for friends, but The Campground will be his first feature film.

Help Support Indie Horror!

Roman is in need of support to fund the production of The Campground. A Kickstarter campaign has been created for The Campground, where you can donate as little as $1. Also note, you don’t actually pay for your donation unless Roman can raise the complete goal of $500.

Don’t have a Buck to Donate? Give the film some social love instead!

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