Ah, the life of a “Churn and Burn” fantasy baseball owner… We all know him! He puts zero effort into drafting his starting pitchers, instead trying to grab up the “best of the rest” each day to fill out his starting pitching staff.

Throughout the years, fantasy baseball commissioners have attempted many methods to counter this type of owner, yet they still exist and I will not deny that I partake in this method from time to time.

The Rules:

  1. The starting pitcher must be owned in 25% or less of Yahoo! or ESPN fantasy baseball leagues
  2. “Probable Pitchers” come from (when available)
  3. I will give you one “Churn & Burn” pitcher per day
  4. A pitcher may only be used once per week
  5. I will recap how I did last week (beginning next week)

Monday, May 28: Bronson Arroyo, Cincinnati Reds (Yahoo! 8%, ESPN 5.2%)

It’s no secret the Pittsburgh Pirates offense has been pretty bad as of late, dead last in the MLB during the month of May in batting average at .205, OBP at .251 and runs scored with 69.

In his last 3 starts, Arroyo has 17Ks in 19.1 innings. Although he has been winless in these starts, with a 4.19 ERA. Even though the red-hot James McDonald (2.51 ERA, 9.1 K/9) is throwing for the Pirates, the Reds still have the advantage, as McDonald ranks 111th out of 121 qualifying starting pitchers in run-support.

Tuesday, May 29: Homer Bailey, Cincinnati Reds (Yahoo! 5%, ESPN 3%)

I hate to go back to the same well on back to back days, but with how poorly the Pirates offense has been, I must.

Bailey has been better than Arroyo in his last three starts, striking out 16 batters in 19 innings with a 2.84 ERA. Bailey has also won two of his last three starts.

Wednesday, May 30: Dillon Gee, New York Mets (Yahoo! 5%, ESPN 2.5%)

The Phillies offense is not as bad as people keep telling me it is. In fact, the Phillies have scored the 4th most runs in the MLB in the month of May with 117.

That being said, Gee was a hot and cold pitcher in 2011 and he is coming off a 7 inn, 1 ER, 9 K performance against the Padres and has thrown two consecutive quality starts.

Cliff Lee will be on the mound for the Phils, but the offense doesn’t seem to give him any support as Lee has no wins on the season.

Thursday, May 31: Jeremy Guthrie, Colorado Rockies (Yahoo! 2%, ESPN .4%)

With only 3 Thursday games, Guthrie is the only starting pitcher who falls into the rules of less than 25% ownership on one of the two websites.

Even the most loyal Churner & Burner should stay away on Thursday.

Friday, June 1: Kyle Kendrick, Philadelphia Phillies (Yahoo! 2%, ESPN .5%)

As I mentioned earlier, the Phillies offense is not as bad as everyone keeps telling you they are. Scoring runs is the name of the game and in May, the Phillies were at the top of the list.

In all honesty, I picked up Kendrick yesterday as a “Churn & Burn” necessity and lucky was I… A complete game shutout I was rewarded. Three straight quality starts, means Kyle gets a second chance on my roster.

Saturday, June 2: Luke Hochevar, Kansas City Royals (Yahoo! 4%, ESPN .8%)

If you’re a Royals fan, like me, you no doubt know the story of “Good Luke, Bad Luke”. Hochevar seems as if he doesn’t give a crap about the game right up until the point the entire Kansas City fanbase wants to run him out of town. Then, he does his best Roy Halladay impression (pre-2012) for a few games, before disappearing once again.

Right now, “Good Luke” is pitching for the Kansas City Royals, with two of this last three starts being of the quality nature and the other 6 innings, 4 earned runs, 6 Ks and striking out 19 batters in 19.2 innings.

Hochevar throws today in Baltimore, but regardless of the outcome I will recommend Luke next weekend.

On Saturday, the Royals and Hochevar will face off against the Oakland Athletics, who were 25th in May in runs scored (85), 29th in batting average (.211), 28th in OBP (.291), with the 3rd most strikeouts (206). What happened to getting on base, Billy Beane?

Sunday, June 3: Kevin Millwood, Seattle Mariners (Yahoo! 4%, ESPN 2.3%)

Millwood also makes a start on Monday, May 28th in Texas. While I am not afraid to start him in Texas, I decided to wait for the easier matchup in Chicago against the White Sox.

Over his last five starts, Millwood has posted a 2.70 ERA and over his last three start starts he has a 0.41 ERA with three wins, including a complete game shutout.

While the White Sox have scored the 2nd most runs in May (Rangers are #1), I am willing to take my chances with Millwood with how hot he has been lately.

Who are your “Churn & Burn” picks this week?

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