In 2012, I will attempt to watch one movie per day, and write an accompanying blog post. The post may not be great. The movies may not always be great. Have a suggestion? Post it below in the comments.

First up, Beverly Hills Cop 3.

The new year started accidentally with Beverly Hills Cop 3. I had watched previous two films last week. I love the original Beverly Hills Cop — A standard for 1980s cop films. Comedy and action. Perfect. Part 2 is a lesser-quality film, but still acceptable, with lots of entertainment in the bonus features.

This brings us to part 3. Shitty. Sad to say, but the start of a downward spiral for Eddie Murphy films. Completely over-the-top and overuses the newly discovered green screen techniques (honestly, I don’t really know if they were new at that time, but definitely over-used).

Too much stupid comedy, not enough smart comedy coupled with annoying action scenes.


Watch the original, maybe part 2, but stay away from this one…