A few tips for your homemade baked cheddar mac and cheese:

  • Always shred your own cheese, never use pre-shredded. The pre-shredded cheese has a anti-caking powder mixed in. This prevents it from clumping in the bag, but also prevents a smooth melt.
  • Try replacing some of the milk/cream in the mac and cheese with sour cream, to give a little tang.
  • Add paprika for a little smokiness.
  • Add mustard powder for a little tang. I use sour cream and mustard powder.
  • Try diced onion, fresh garlic crisp bacon or pancetta. Toss in blanched broccoli.
  • Lastly, top with panko bread crumbs, rather than traditional or Italian breadcrumbs for a flakier and crispier topping.

There are tons of good recipes available, most people probably have a family recipe passed from generation to generation, so I will not bore with my own.

Get creative!