If you’re a blogger or website owner running your website with the WordPress platform, you no-doubt use plugins to automatically update your content to Facebook and Twitter.

If not, let’s start by mentioning the plugins I use:

Now, if you run a multi-author website, you most likely want to automate as much of the tedious work as possible and drive traffic to your website while doing so. This means not only automatically updating your website’s Facebook Page and Twitter account, but also automatically updating your own Facebook Status and Twitter status whenever you write a post/article and assisting the other authors of your website in doing the same.


The most simple method I have come across in a long time comes from the website ifttt.com. What is ifttt? It stands for If This Then This. Simply, the website allows you to set up various conditions or happenings from one website or service or action or specified time, then do something else on another website or service by setting up a “Task.”

Simply put, we are going to tell ifttt to check for our new posts/articles, then publish the new post/article to our personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

New posts automatically Tweeted

  • The first thing you need to do is register on ifttt.com and confirm your email address
  • Now, log in
  • ifttt makes everything nice an easy for one user to share their “Task” with others, by creating a “Recipe”, made available to the public. This is exactly what I have done for you.
  • First, we will set up our new posts to be published to Twitter, using “WordPress author RSS feed to Twitter” recipe.
  • Click “Active” for the Twitter channel and allow ifttt access to your Twitter account.
  • Lastly, simply change your website address, username and @mention of your website.
  • Every time you make a new post, the title and URL will be tweeted to your account!

New posts automatically posted as Facebook status update

  • Go to the “WordPress author RSS feed to Facebook status” recipe.
  • Again, you will have to activate the Facebook channel and allow ifttt access to your account.
  • Now, change your website, username, your name and website URL.
  • Every time you make a new post, your Facebook timeline will be updated to include a link to your new article.

A few more useful Recipes for bloggers

What are some other great ifttt Recipes for bloggers?