Sure, the kickoff of the 2012 NFL season is still three months away and many fantasy football junkies have barely begun to think about their fantasy football draft, but today I came across an article about 15 players to stay away from on draft day.

I started thinking, who else is thinking this way?

Not me. At the fantasy trade deadline in 2011 in my keeper league. I like Jamaal Charles in 2012… A lot.

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This entry should be about a player I would avoid in Charles and someone I would target in Peyton Hillis, who is now the No. 2 running back for the Chiefs. I don’t expect Charles to live up to his draft status. For starters, Charles is coming off a torn ACL suffered in Week 2 last year. He should be fine for the beginning of the season, but with the addition of Hillis, Charles’ production won’t be the same. Hillis can play on all downs, and he will most likely take away goal-line opportunities. On top of that, Hillis is being reunited with his former offensive coordinator in Cleveland, Brian Daboll. We can see Hillis having a bounce-back year, and he presents better value on Draft Day then Charles since you can get Hillis with a mid-round pick.

I suppose my biggest problem with Eisenberg’s argument is Hillis’s reunion with Brian Baboll. If anyone benefits from Daboll. Hillis’s production in Cleveland and Reggie Bush’s 2011 production while Daboll was with the Dolphins should be proof enough that Daboll knows how to get the most from a #1 running back and, unless he gets hurt, Jamaal Charles is definitely the number one running back on the Kansas City Chiefs roster.

How much do you like Jamaal Charles in fantasy football in 2012?

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