I’m excited to announce that I will be speaking at WordCamp Omaha on August 26th.

My session, Stop Blogging! More Valuable than a Blog Post: All the Things Your Business Website is Missing is very similar to the presentation I gave at WordCamp Fayetteville – with some big improvements!

Like any good presenter, I reached out to the attendees of my session and to WordCamp Fayetteville organizers to ask what I could do better when giving this presentation at WordCamp Omaha. I feel like attendees really enjoyed the presentation and there was a ton of audience engagement. One attendee even told me, “this was by far the most valuable session of the entire conference!” That’s really good to hear. Providing actionable advice is my main goal with any presentation.

However, overwhelmingly, attendees said the session title was a bit “baity and switchy.” I agree, To Small Businesses: Stop Wasting Time. Stop Blogging! could definitely be taken that way. I’m sure many attendees were hoping to discover they never have to type another word of content for their business website – and get rich doing it. That is so far away from the truth, of course.

With that feedback, I have modified the presentation a ton for WordCamp Omaha. While the presentation will cover the same concepts, I have restructured it a bit, changed the title, and modified the description.

My original presentation in Fayetteville was inspired by my decade plus experience in the web design world and that inspiration carries over the my WordCamp Omaha presentation.

My #StopBlogging movement is inspired from years of web design clients repeatedly asking me if they can get a discount if the don’t have a blog on their website – the answer is NO – as well as seeing all the crappy blog posts that are regularly created by digital marketing and “SEO” companies… many simply using the mindset that “YOU HAVE TO BLOG!!” #StopBlogging isn’t about not writing blog posts – it’s about taking care of all the small things first – then writing content that is actually VALUABLE to customers.

Stop Blogging! More Valuable than a Blog Post: All the Things Your Business Website is Missing Session Description:

Since day one of owning your small business website, experts have told you that you MUST blog regularly if you want to be successful online and compete with competitors in search engine rankings.

Stop blogging. Stop wasting time! Before you ever type a single sentence of a single blog post for your business make sure your business website has all the basic business website features, functions, integrations and relevant sales-focused content perfected. Only then, start blogging for your business.

In “Stop Blogging! More Valuable than a Blog Post: All the Things Your Business Website is Missing” Travis Pflanz, of Search Centered, shares the most frequently overlooked aspects many small business websites neglect and gives advice for creating website content that is much more valuable than most business blog posts – also with advice for creating blog posts. This actionable advice will immediately help small business owners out-perform competitors in Google search results.

As a search engine optimization professional, Travis creates SEO and digital marketing strategies for businesses with budgets of all sizes. Even small businesses with a zero dollar SEO or digital marketing budget can implement the strategies discussed in this session to quickly outrank competition in search results.

Stop blogging, take care of the basics and start creating bottom-of-the-funnel targeted content that out-performs the competition – Now!

This presentation also includes tools and plugins recommendations for business owners to use on their WordPress website.

As you can tell from the session description – No! I don’t believe that all businesses should actually stop blogging, but instead businesses should take care of all the baby steps first. Then, move on to creating valuable content that is super-targeted and aimed at bottom-of-the-funnel customers who are actually searching for the products and services offered by their business.

If you’re in the Omaha area, get a ticket to WordCamp Omaha and come to my session! After WordCamp, let’s grab a beer.

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